Welcome to Peaceful Butterfly Holistic Therapies First Blog.

I thought I'd start my first blog off with how holistic therapies work and how our therapies at Peaceful Butterfly Holistic Therapy in Nottingham can help you.

Holistic therapies work on the principle that the body has a vital force or life energy. It is this force that protects the body from disease and allows it to heal. We often refer to it in a biological context as the "immune system". When the balance of the immune system is disturbed we see the various symptoms of a disease. Holistic therapies aim to help the patient restore the balance, thus allowing the body to heal itself naturally.

Holistic medicine considers the whole person - body, mind, spirit and emotions. According to the holistic medicine philosophy, you can achieve optimal health by gaining proper balance in life and that your whole body is made up of interdependent parts. If one part is not working, all other parts will be affected. In this way, if people have problems (physical, emotional, or spiritual) in their lives it can affect their overall health.

Things like diet, sleep habits, stress, personal problems are all taken into consideration when you pay a visit to a holistic doctor.


Crystal healing treatment simply explained

Crystal healing is a holistic therapy that we offer in Nottingham. Various different crystals and minerals are placed on or surrounding a fully clothed person. This helps to create a state of deep relaxation, releasing stresses and pain, and also creating an energy balance within the subtle and physical bodies.

This holistic treatment will take approximately 1 hour, and the crystals can be used in various different patterns or even singularly. They are placed on areas of pain, on acupuncture points or meridians, or on subtle energy vortexes called Chakras.

How does the Crystal Healing treatment work?

Many people would question the effect of a holistic therapy like the specific placement of crystals, and if it has any effect at all to the well-being of our bodies.

However, at Peaceful Butterfly Holistic Therapy, we believe crystals have the ability to hold and emit energy vibrations. When a crystal is put in a watch the battery sends a constant charge through the crystal. The crystal absorbs the charge, and then releases it at such a precise rate it is used to make the watch keep perfect time.

Crystals have the ability to affect our electro-magnetic fields or subtle bodies, and any energy surrounding the physical body. These include the etheric, emotional and mental bodies, which together are called the aura.

Crystals are able to absorb and channel our energy fields, to enable a diseased or out of a balanced body to find its natural energetic rhythm once again. The appropriate crystals, used in holistic therapies, can be placed on the seven main Chakras, which look like different coloured spinning wheels of subtle energy, running up the center of the torso.

Having done this, the crystals then enable us to link our subtle energy fields to our aura with our emotions, glands, organs, physical body parts and subtle and physical circulatory flows. This is why wearing certain crystals such as yellow citrine may uplift you, rose quartz may help to ease heartache, and amethyst may calm a busy mind and help you to sleep.

The Wonderful Benefits of Thai Compress Massage

Thai compress massage is one of the most beautiful and beneficial holistic treatments available, and has been practice for hundreds of years.

It is performed using compresses of specially selected Thai herbs that are first made wet, before being steamed and used to provide a gently invigorating holistic massage. The heady scent of the Thai herbs and oils induce a deep relaxation that relieves stress and fatigue, while boosting emotional and physical well being.

This truly is a great holistic heat treatment with so many more benefits than hot stone massage or lava shells offer. This form of massage is ideal for alleviating pain, stiff, sore or pulled muscles and ligaments, chronic backache and arthritis - even skin conditions, migraines and chronic stress or anxiety.

It also assists alignment and postural integrity of the body, improves circulation of blood and lymph and stimulates the internal organs.

The fragrant blend of herbs used in this holistic therapy are known for their anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent and antioxidant properties. The gentle motions of the massage make it ideal for those body parts that are too sore or sensitive for hands on massage.

Contact us in Nottingham today to find out about this invigorating holistic therapy. After all, why not try something new.


Essential oils used to aid headaches and migraines .
This post follows on from the cold stone therapy for headaches and migraines. A great blend to use with the cold stones or just to take the aroma in is Peppermint,
spearmint, and
lemongrass blended in a carrier oil. Peppermint contains a significant amount of menthol which amongst its many uses menthol is known to relax and ease tension headaches. Spearmint has less menthol but the two work well together Lemongrass also has analgesic properties to aid with the relief of headaches, it also lifts our mood. This blend can be quite stimulating though so just something to be aware of if using before bed.

For more information on our various therapies at Peaceful Butterfly Holistic Therapy in Nottingham please contact us on 07812 597 023.


Our latest handmade jewellery pieces

We have just finished this neck piece has been a pleasure to make for a very special client. It's full of energy with so many different gemstones. This piece has been made up to balance the Chakras and relieve stress, anxiety, and tension, and aid in the relief of headaches and migraines. Simply to list all the benefits and healing powers of this piece would be a very long list smile emoticon its just stunning and bursting will energy. If you would like a commission order made up please do let me know.

Plenty of new stock in now and more in at the end of this week. Feel free to come down and take a look or when your next in for a treatment there are some wonderful finds at great prices.


Essential oil guide and helpful tips.

Essential Oil : Peppermint
I thought I would start the oil guide off with an oil that everyone should have in the home. The uses for this oil are endless and I've tried to keep this to just a few helpful tips or I would be writing pages I would say I use this at some point during 75% of my therapy treatments. This oil is an amazing for headaches and migraines, coughs and colds, clearing and stimulating our minds plus much, much more. It is an anti viral so burning this on a...n oil burner will kill of air born bugs whilst at the same time having the desired effect of helping with that headache or stimulating the mind and helping with that cough or cold. Its an antifungal so great for using in that foot soak or cream, I like to make my own ones of these up for clients and home use. In small amounts can be put directly on to an area. For the digestive system this has been long known to aid. Spearmint is an alternative to use if peppermint is to strong a smell, my amazing blend of peppermint , spearmint and lemon grass is a life saver and used so much in my treatments and I make it up for clients as many suffer with migraines. Used in combination with cold its a migraine/headache killer. Please feel to free to message me for more for information or to book a treatment.

Treatments at Peaceful Butterfly

All treatments at Peaceful Butterfly Holistic therapies are tailored to each person’s individual needs. Treatments are in a treatment room with a wonderful atmosphere and energy to It, It’s hard to not relax and unwind in there.
With a wonderful section of treatments available it’s wonderful to combine selections of these treatments together and so create a treatment completely tailored to each individual’s needs.
Please take a look through the photos on this page of the treatment room and also at my website.
Please message me for more details and Information or to visit and take a look at the treatment room. Also we have The Crystal shop which is full of amazing crystals, essential oils, Incense, plus other amazing items and handmade jewellery which is also made on site.

Jewellery care from Peaceful Butterfly

A morning of therapies followed by an afternoon of jewellery alterations/repairs and cleaning i do love my job two days are never the same.
If you have had a commission piece made up by Peaceful Butterfly don't forget its got free cleaning with it so if you would like it cleaned up do let me know. Also if you have any jewellery that's broken or needs TLC let me know and i will take a look at it for you.


Opening times are 12pm till 3pm.
Friday is here so why not pop over for a visit to the crystal shop and treatment room and start the weekend relaxed and surrounded by wonderful crystals. Also take a look around the treatment room and ask any questions about the treatments you may have and take a look how/where they are done. There’s also many fun/relaxed workshops that happen in there from crystals to have a go silversmithing to having a go for yourself at some of the treatments and making wonderful things, basically there tailored to what you want to do. You will be warmly welcomed and drinks/fruit and biscuits are available while you take a look around. Its always a pleasure to meet you all. smile emoticon Please do take a look at the website also.


How does this sound Butterfly's?

25/30 mins Aromatherapy hot/cold stones back/neck/shoulders & scalp massage.
Followed by 15/ 20 or 30 min Aromatherapy, Shoulders/neck scalp hot/cold stone massage. Finishing with a cold stone Aromatherapy Facial massage​.

With added crystals for healing this treatment is the Peaceful Butterfly signature treatment and the most popular and most effective treatments for stress, anxiety, migraines and headaches and aches and pains with lots of success. Its tailored to you with blends of aromatherapy essential oils and crystals and massage tailored to your areas of tension and pain or for pure relaxation.

After the treatment you also have the opportunity to relax in the crystal conservatory soaking up all the energies from the crystals for some total relaxation.

Sound good?

Then why not book in for a treatment and please take a look at my website for more information. Please message for more details or to arrange booking in.

New Monthly Autism support group

Autism (ASD and other disabilities) Support group for families to come together and chat and support each other and of course eat cake and yummy things, is now going to be held monthly at Peaceful Butterfly.
Come and join us and relax in the butterfly house and garden and benefit from coming together and chatting in the relaxed environment.
​ Please get in touch if your interested in coming!

Next group dates are Fri July 22nd and 30th Sept.

New stock just in and there are some stunning pieces!

New stock just in and there are some stunning pieces!

Quite an energy influx please take a look and message me for more details or to arrange a day/time to visit. This Friday 12th Aug the Crystal Conservatory will be open between 12pm and 4.30pm. Also I have some treatments slots available wed/Thurs this week and Mon 15th Aug before Im away for the week again please let me know if you would like to book in. ( Im away again from the 16th Aug to the 25th). Please take a look at my Facebook page for more details and pictures!

Bank Holiday offer! 10% of everything!

Hi Butterfly's !!!
Im back off my holidays now and back to work today! :)
If you would like to book in for a treatment or arrange a visit to the crystal shop then please do message me. Keep a look out for a special bank holiday offer post and take advantage over the bank holiday weekend of 10% everything!!!!
Take a look at these wonderful pictures of the Aloe Vera farms out in Crete and the stunning flowers just beautiful.


Don't miss out on the bank holiday weekend offer at Peaceful Butterfly of 10% off everything!!!
The Crystal Conservatory shop will be open this bank Holiday Monday 29th August between 12pm and 4pm and open to arranged visits all weekend. The 10% offer starts today Friday 26th August and through the weekend so why not take advantage and pick up a bargain or two. The offer includes treatments booked and paid for over the weekend and gift vouchers, all the stock in the crystal shop and therapy room. Take the opportunity to have a look around and see where all the wonderful treatments take place and workshops and ask any question you may have. There is always tea/coffee/juices, fruit and biscuits and a warm welcome to you all.

To see more pictures please visit my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PeacefulButterflyHolisticTherapies/


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